School of Professional Studies

School of Professional Studies

Welcome to the School of Professional Studies

The School of Professional Studies at Rowan University serves life-long learners throughout their educational journey by providing academic and professional education to students and the community via courses that provide valuable career training and preparation.

Rigor and quality matters to Rowan University. The School of Professional Studies at Rowan University offers programs that are robust and aligned with individual and career needs. We offer customized credentials and career enhancing programs, which provide paths to vertical and horizontal professional mobility.

We enhance the capacity of our graduates as global leaders for the 21st century by bridging the divide between academic and professional education. We increase our students’ knowledge and career edge through our rich diversity of credentials and programs. These include versatile graduate, undergraduate, minor, certificate, stackable credentials, career progression and upskilling options.

Professional Studies provides self-initiated education focused on personal and career development. Almost all of our programs can be taken part-time and many offer evening and online/virtual courses that can smoothly fit into your already busy lives.

We provide a diverse range of interest areas for adult learners in the workplace and the community with an exciting range of innovative and flexible offerings. Choosing a course of study can seem daunting at first. Our advisors and faculty are here to help you make choices. We can help you determine the topics and subjects that align with your needs, interests, and support you to design your scheduling, and how to complete and achieve your goals.

For inquiries about the School of Professional Studies and to learn more, please contact Dr. Lorraine Ricchezza, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost.


The Rowan University School of Professional Studies fast-racks future professionals to satisfying careers and uplift society.

The Rowan University School of Professional Studies (RU-SPS) offers comprehensive, flexible and individualized programs online, on campus and a combination of both. The school combines academic and practice-based professional learning to meet the evolving needs of adult learners for degree completion, new credentials in specialized fields, comprehensive career credentials, and new competencies or career changes.

SPSRU exemplifies Rowan University’s mission of representing a new model for higher education by being inclusive, agile, and responsive. The School exemplifies Rowan Universities Rising Strategic Pillars of Access, Affordability, Quality and Economic Engine.


Serving you to realize your professional and future goals

  1. We aspire to provide a market oriented academic curriculum reflecting the needs of ambitious learners and working professionals.
  2. We are dedicated to providing a supportive, flexible and responsive educational environment with programs designed to meet the needs of all students interested in completing or enahancing their university education full or part time at all levels.
  3. We will work to provide students with the skills, expertise and tools to achieve their goals.
  4. We are committed to an academically professional educational experience that collaborates with industry, various levels of government, and the community to address the demands of evolving workplaces and disciplines.
  5. We are committed to being the leading provider of the ultimate academic experience for innovative professional programming with clear results and outcomes.

 RU-SPS Delivers Programs that are

Academically Rigorous: Robust,

Market and Result- Oriented: Aligned,

Flexible Course and Scheduling Options: Adaptable.