Specialization in Anthropology

Specialization in Anthropology

Specialization in Anthropology

At Rowan, Sociology and Anthropology are uniquely complementary while being separate disciplines. The purpose of the Anthropology Specialization in the Sociology BA is to provide interested students with a course of study that combines the two in an interdisciplinary major. While at present students in the Sociology major may only take a few courses in Anthropology, this specialization creates new more efficient program for students wanting a strong liberal arts and science education. This option provides a strong foundation for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in Anthropology. It also fills a need for students entering the health or medical professions and having a degree in the social sciences.

The Specialization in Anthropology in the Sociology BA will allow students attracted to both disciplines more choice in pursuing a more in depth study of Anthropology through its required courses in the foundational bank (which includes more upper level courses) and the expanded electives bank. The Specialization is also ideal for students in the physical sciences like Biology, Biomedical Science, or Health Sciences. It will allow them to broaden the application of those degrees by preparing students with diverse skills in what has become a highly specialized marketplace. For example, a student in Biomedical Science looking for a dual major would find the Sociology of Medicine and Medical Anthropology, or the forensics approach in Forensic Anthropology not just inspiring, but a marketable enhancement to a traditional degree program. Careers in Anthropology, including Medical Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Museum Studies, Conservation, Cultural Resource Management (CRM), and Forensic Science, are well suited for students graduating with the specialization in Anthropology, as would be careers in Sociology which focus on culture, comparative studies, and qualitative as well as quantitative field methods.

Program Guide

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Specialization in Anthropology

Major Requirements 36 s.h.

Course # Course Name S.H.
SOC 08.120 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC 08.331 Classical Sociological Theory (upper level) 3
SOC 08.375 Sociological Research Methods (upper level) 3
SOC 08.376 Social Statistics (upper level) 3
SOC 08.425 Senior Seminar (upper level) 3
  Foundational Bank (9 s.h. required, 3 elective)* 12
  Practice Bank (3 s.h. required, 3 elective)** 6
  Choice from Anthropology/Sociology Electives Bank (any level) *** 3


*Foundational Bank **Practice Bank
ANTH 02.250 Intro to Anth. Linguistics (req) ANTH 02.280 Old WorldArchaeology(req
ANTH 02.203 Intro to Archaeology (req) ANTH 02.215 Medical Anth. (elective)
ANTH 02.221 Human Variation (req) ANTH 02.270 New World Archaeology (elective)
ANTH 02.301 Human Evolution (elective) ANTH 02.315 Forensic Anth. (elective)
ANTH 02.144 Human Ecology (elective) ANTH 02.290 Museum Studies (elective)
ANTH 02.321 Cultural Ecology (elective) SOC 08.436 Soc. of Med. (elective)
ANTH 02.371 Anth. Appreciation Cultural Change (elective)    

***Elective Bank
ANTH 02.311 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
SOC 08.391 Ethnic Minorities in China
ANTH 02.350 Comparative Cultures
ANTH 02.210 Natives of South America
ANTH 02.310 Indians of North America
ANTH 02.326 The Maya
ANTH 02.420 Culture and Personality
ANTH 02.323 The Anth of Magic/ Relig
ANTH 02.312 Anth. Pers. Growth/ Development
SOC 08.327 Comparative Education
SOC 08.320 Urban Sociology
SOC 08.370 Sociology of Women
ANTH 02.322 Sex/ Sex Roles in a Cult. Persp
INTR 01.144 Human Ecol: An Evolutionary Approach

 Other Required Courses (21 s.h.)
(may also be counted in the General Education banks)

Course # Course Title S.H.
STAT 02.100 Elementary Statistics 3
ANTH 02.202 Cultural Anthropology 3
PSY 01.107 Essentials of Psychology 3
GEOG 06.102 or 06.111 Cultural Geography or World Regional Geography 3
ECON 04.101 or 102 or POSC 07.100 or 110 or 230 or 231 Intro to Macroecon or Intro to Microecon or Intro to Gov & Politics or American Gov or Comparative Pol Sys or Cont World Problems 3
  History (choice from Approved General Education courses 3
  Religion or Philosophy (choice from Approved Gen Ed courses) 3

Graduation Requirements (minimum) for BA in Soc

  • 2.00 Overall G.P.A., 2.0 Major G.P.A.
  • 30 credits in upper level (300, 400, 500 level) courses, including 18 upper-level sociology credits
  • Maximum of 67 hours transferred from Community Colleges; all such transfers count as lower-level (100, 200) courses; 15 credits at Rowan University
  • Letter grades only in Sociology courses; C- minimum grade in all courses, Up to 10% of overall credits may be P/NC
  • No more than two courses can be repeated and each of these two can be repeated no more than once

Free Electives.................................................... 23 s.h.

General Education and
Rowan Experience.............................................. 40 s.h.

Total Credits in Program....................................120 s.h.

Contact & More Information

For more information about the opportunities offered by the Anthropology Specialization in the Sociology BA contact Anthropology Program coordinator Dr. Maria Rosado.

E-mail: rosado@rowan.edu
Phone: 856-256-4856