Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Minor in Africana Studies 18 S.H.

Requirements 6 s.h.

AFST 01104....Introduction to Africana Studies
ENGL 02.354 African American Literature I or ENGL 02.355 African American Literature II or 
HIST 05377 African-American History Since 1865

Electives 12 s.h.

AFST 11.350 Topics: International Model African Union
AFST 11.350 Topics: Black Masculinity
AFST 11350 Topics: #Black Lives Matter
AFST 11350 Topics: Tangled Politics and Natural Hair
AFST 01.304 Africana Soc & Pol. Thought
ANTH 02.311 Peoples & Cultures of Africa
ANTH 02.335 Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
ANTH 02275 Anthropology of Race and Ethnicity 
COSD 01.406 Afr/Amer. Culture in Media
ENGL 02.116 Readings in Global Lit
ENGL 02.200 Gender, Sexuality, and Literature
ENGL 02.354 African American Literature I (if not taken as requirement)
ENGL 02.355 African American Literature II (if not taken as requirement)

ENGL 02.218 Multiethnic Literatures of the United States
ENGL 02.365 U.S. Latino/a Literature 

ANTH 02.202 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
GEOG 06.111 World Regional Geography
HIST 05.376 African American History to 1865
HIST 053.77 African-American History Since 1865 (if not taken as requirement)
HIST 05.378 History of Camden

HIST 05.396 Sub-Saharan Africa to 1800
HIST 05.397 Sub-Saharan Africa Since 1800
HIST 05.322 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 05.373 Civil Rights and Black Power
HIST 05.388 Comparative Race Relations
HIST 05.429 Proseminar [must focus on an African American/Africana topic]**
HIST 05.443 Global Proseminar [must focus on Africana topic]**
HIST 05.447 History of Medicine in Africa
HIST 05.441 Imperialism/Colonialism

HIST 05.425 History of Feminisms
HIST 05.422 Women in American History
LAWJ 05.330 Problems of World Justice
LAWJ 05.346 Women & Crime
LAWJ 05.386 Law and Human Rights
LAWJ 05.205 Minorities, Crime & Justice
MUS 04.344 Hip Hop Culture: Music, Lifestyle, Fashion and Politics
MUS 06.115 Growth & Development of Jazz
MUS 06.220 Singing Music of African Americans
PHL 09.327 Philosophy of Race
POSC 07.323 Politics of Class, Gender, Race in America
POSC 07.340 Civil Rights/Liberties
POSC 07.210 Black Americans & American Politics
PSY 01.200 Psy Women/Cult. Exp
PSY 01.335 African American Psychology
PSY 01.105 Ethnic Identity & Com. in America
PSY 01.310 Psych. of Racism & Ethnocentrism
RTF 03.272 Images/Women in Film
SOC 08.120 Sociology of Minority Groups

SOC 08.488 Critical Race Theory: Social Justice, Advocacy and Intervention