Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Major Requirements

Pre-Rowan Core Program Guide (PDF)
Rowan Core Program Guide (PDF)

Rowan Core and Rowan Experience

All students must complete the University's Rowan Core and Rowan Experience Requirements.

Non-Program Requirements

At least one semester of a foreign language, taken at Rowan or in Study Abroad: Choose from: Zulu, Arabic, French, Spanish, Swahili and other relevant languages (through abroad/off campus study, etc.)

Choose one course from the bank of experiential learning courses (see program guide).

Program Requirements

Foundational or Core Requirements 12 s.h.:

AFST01104 Introduction to Africana Studies (Introductory level)
HIST05396 Sub-Saharan Africa to 1800 (advanced level)
AFST01304 Africana Social/Political Thought (advanced level) (WI)
AFST11.450 Senior Seminar in Africana Studies 

Africana Electives (12 sh/4 courses)
AFST 11.310 Service Learning Seminar
AFST 11350 Topics: International Model African Union
AFST 11350 Topics: Black Masculinity
AFST 11350 Topics: #Black Lives Matter
AFST 11350 Topics: Tangled Politics and Natural Hair

ANTH 02.250 Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics
ANTH 02.311 Peoples & Cultures of Africa
ANTH 02.335 Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
ANTH 02275 Anthropology of Race and Ethnicity 
ARAB 12.101 Elementary Arabic I
ARAB 12.102 Elementary Arabic II
CMS  01.406 African American Culture in Media
ECON 04.360 Urban Economics
ENGL 02.354 African American Literature I
ENGL 02.355 African American Literature II
ENGL 02.218 Multiethnic Literatures of the United States
ENGL 02.212 Native American Literature

ENGL 02.365 U.S. Latino/a Literature 
GEOG 06.205 Geography of Africa
GEOG 06.344 Geography of Latin America
HIST 05.376 African American History to 1865
HIST 05.377 African American History Since 1865
HIST 05.378 History of Camden
HIST 05.397 Sub-Saharan Africa Since 1800

HIST 05.395 20th Century African Nationalism
HIST 05.322 Civil War & Reconstruction
HIST 05.373 Civil Rights and Black Power
HIST 05.429 Proseminar [must focus on an African American/Africana topic]**
HIST 05.443 Global Proseminar [must focus on Africana topic]**
HIST 05.447 History of Medicine in Africa
HIST 05.347 Traditional Latin America
HIST 05.350 Modern Latin America
HIST 05.360 Latin America Revolution & Reform
HIST 05.362 History of Mexico & the Caribbean
HIST 05.370 Topics in Latin American History [must focus on an Africana topic]
LAWJ 05.205 Minorities, Crime, and Justice
MUS 04.344 Hip Hop Culture: Music, Lifestyle, Fashion and Politics
MUS 06.220 The Music of African Americans
MUS 06.115 Growth & Development of Jazz
PHIL 09327 Philosophy of Race
POSC 07.210 Black Americans & American Politics
POSC 07.340 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
POSC 07.323 Politics of Class, Gender, Race in America
POSC 07.347 Politics & Societies of Africa
POSC 07.441 Contemporary Problems of Modern Africa
PSY 01.335 African American Psychology
PSY 01.310 Psychology of Racism & Ethnocentrism
RTF 03.280 African American Film History
SOC 08.120 Sociology of Minority Groups
SOC 08.488 Critical Race Theory: Social Justice, Advocacy and Intervention
SPAN 05.323 Survey of Spanish American Literature I
SPAN 05.329 Survey of Spanish American Literature II
SPAN 05.324 Spanish American Civilization & Culture
SPAN 05.327 Spanish American Poetry
SPAN 05.328 Spanish American Theatre
SPAN 05.326 Spanish American Novel
THD 07.301 African/African American Theatre
THD 08.311 African Influences in American Dance

Relevant special topics courses in any discipline [must be approved by Coordinator]

Comparative/World Electives (6 sh/2 courses)

ANTH 02.210 Natives of South America
ECON 04.310 Global Economics
ECON 04.225 Women in the Economy
ENGL 02.116 Introduction to Global Literature
ENGL 02.200 Gender, Sexuality, and Literature
GEOG 06.102 Cultural Geography
GEOG 06.111 World Regional Geography
HIST 05.120 World History Since 1500
HIST 05.383 Islamic Civilization
HIST 05.305 Women in Islam
HIST 05.388 Comp. Race Relat.: S. Afr/Brazil/US
HIST 05.422 Women in American History
HIST 05.425 History of Feminisms
HIST 05.441 Imperialism & Colonialism
HONR 05.390 Linguistics and Cultures of Native South America (Honors Selected Topics)
QUEC 10.100 Modern Descendants of the Incas: Quechua Language, Culture and History 
INTR 01.103 Women and Gender in Perspective
INTR 01.200 Issues in Women's Health
LAWJ 05.330 Problems in World Justice
LAWJ 05.346 Women, Crime, and Criminal Justice
LAWJ 05.386 Law & Human Rights
MKT 09.379 International Marketing
MUS 06.448 Music in World Cultures
POSC 07.230 Comparative Political Systems
POSC 07.231 Contemporary World Problems
POSC 07.311 Women and American Politics
PSY 01.105 Psy. of Ethnic Identity & Community
PSY 01.330 Psy. of Women & Cultural Experience
RTF 03.272 Images of Women in Film
SOC 08.330 Soc. Stratif. in Contemp. Societies
SOC 08327 Comparative Education

Students may fulfill this requirement by enrolling in six sh (2 courses) in a study abroad/off-campus course

Study Abroad

Although Study Abroad is not required, students may complete a portion of their comparative/world electives through off campus/abroad study.

Grade-Point Average

Students who choose to major and graduate in Africana Studies must maintain a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0, and the lowest acceptable grade for a course in the major is a C-.

Free Electives (63 S.H. to reach 120 sh total)