1619 Project @ Rowan

1619 Project @ Rowan

1619 Project @ Rowan

Our Inaugural Event, "Groove"

The 1619 Project opened on December 5, with an electric dance performance, "Groove."  Choreographed by Paule Turner of Rowan's Dance and Theater Program in conjunction with the Camden Sophisticated Ladies Dance Group, the performance played with the historical and contemporary experience of freedom, joy, pride, and community that has been a part of the African American experience for 400 years.  The performance embraced inclusion and diversity and brought it to life.  After the show, Journalism Prof. Candace Kelley interviewed Professors Paule Turner and Laurin Plant about freedom in producing art and its meaning as black artists. (Photos below)


1619 Conversations and Food

Each evening will be a chance to sit around the dinner table, eating foods of the African Diaspora, learn and discuss about an issue inspired by the 1619 Project podcast, like economics, environment and  health care.

Mon. Feb 3, 6:30pm-8:30pm Student Center Ballroom
Wed. March 4, 7:30pm-8:30pm Student Center Ballroom
Wed. April 22, 6:30pm-8:30pm Student Center Ballroom
1619 to the Present, History of Black Music

This evening, organized by Lourin Plant and his students, will feature a playlist of key moments in black music, ranging from spirituals, blues, and jazz to R&B and Hip Hop, performed by the Rowan Chorus.


1619 Stories

Storytellers will be invited to present a significant personal story in a compelling story-telling format.

1619 Talent Night The Grand Finale of the 1619 project.

Students will share their talents in a RAH talent show night and in the student run literary magazine, Avant. It will be a fun and engaging night, encouraging students to share their talents and understanding and feeling the impact of 1619.