Disney College Program

Disney College Program

Earning Academic Credit through the Disney College Program

Through the Disney College Program (DCP), you can discover a unique living and working environment with participants from all over the world. This program allows you to gain on-the-job experience with a world-renowned company, providing uniquely Disney learning experiences, all while preparing for your future, building transferable skills, including networking, problem solving, teamwork and effective communication.

College of Humanities & Social Sciences students can receive up to 12 free elective credit for their DCP experience via Credit by Examination for any amount of credits not used by DCP coursework, up to 12 credits. To pursue this option, you should complete the experience and follow these instructions:

Plan Ahead

In addition to successfully completing the DCP, you must also complete the following to receive free elective credit:

  • Two (2) Career Path Development sessions and
  • Two (2) Discover Disney experiences OR one (1) Instructor-led stand alone session.

Request Free Elective Credit

After completing the DCP, submit your Certificate of Completion and your Disney Programs Activities Summary (accessed through their “DORMS” system) to Dr. Stephen Fleming at flemings@rowan.edu. Note that you must pull your Programs Activities Summary BEFORE your departure from the program. In your email, please indicate how many credits you would like to receive and if you intend to use your experience to satisfy an experiential learning requirement for your major. 


A few other points about receiving credits:

  • These credits do not count as enrolled credits in the term in which you are doing the DCP. Rather, they are put on your transcript much like transfer credits. So, if you need to remain full-time while in the DCP, the free elective credits cannot count toward their enrollment.
  • Credit by Exam is a very cost-effective way of receiving credits. You will pay a $75 processing fee plus $10 per credit. So, you could receive 12 credits for $195.
  • These free elective credits are not attached to a course; there is no coursework associated with them. Once you submit your documents to Dr. Fleming and your request is approved, you will see the credits on your transcript and be notified to pay the processing fee and $10 per credit.


Get to Know the Disney College Program Virtual Sessions – Spring 2023 Schedule

The Disney College Program will be hosting information sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays through mid-February. You’ll notice that each day of the week has its own unique link. Their “Get to Know the Disney College Program” sessions are a perfect way for you to learn more about the overall program experience and how to apply in a Zoom Webinar setting.