What can I do with my Major?

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    Student engages with local police department during Law & Justice Career Day

What can I do with my Major?

What can I do with my major?

Majors in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, and the liberal arts in general, prepare you for a wide variety of career paths. While the non-prescriptive nature of the career paths associated with CHSS majors is a benefit, exploring your post-college options can be daunting. Below, you will find a handout for each major that not only provides a program overivew, but also offers:

  • Potential career paths 
  • Employers who have hired Rowan grads in the major
  • Sites at which these majors did internships
  • Countries and cities where these majors studied abroad...and much more! 

There also exist many other tools and resources for you to explore careers:

  1. Our center has an in-house career counselor, Patrick Massaro. To schedule an appointment with Mr. Massaro, visit the Rowan Success Network.
  2. Consider registering for the 2 credit course, Career Planning and Development (INTR 01488)
  3. The Office of Career Advancement offers a very helpful tool called the FOCUS 2. Free to students, the FOCUS 2 is a short inventory that offers you careers that align with your answers to the survey. The FOCUS 2 and other resources can be found on the Office of Career Advancement website. 
  4. Your academic advisor can be a great resource, as well. They are often familiar with where students in your major landed jobs. To make an appointment with your academic adivsor, visit the Rowan Success Network.
  5. Learn more about careers related to specific majors at websites such as What Can I Do With  This Major and myplan.com.
  6. Learn more about specific careers through the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbookhere. Their Career Outlook section here includes numerous articles about a wide variety of careers and career paths. 
  7. Conduct informational interviews with professionals working in the fields you’re considering.


Informational Handouts by Major 

Africana Studies 

American Studies Anthropology Area Studies 

Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management 

Economics English  History

Human Services

International Studies  Law & Justice Studies Liberal Studies

Modern Languages & Linguistics 

Philosophy  Political Science Sociology 


World Religions