Preparing for your Next Step

Preparing for your Next Step

Preparing for your Next Step

Resources you can utilize to help you prepare for the next step include:

Job Search Resources:

  • Office of Career Advancement
    • Utilize resources in the Office of Career Advancement to develop your resume and cover letter, hone your interviewing skills, and engage in networking and career fairs.
  • LinkedIn
    • Create a LinkedIn profile to start building professional connections
  • CHSS Alumni Meet & Greet
    • Check out upcoming CHSS events here
  • Tools to help you “scrub” your social media and present the most professional YOU:

Graduate School Resources:

If you’re interested in graduate school, you should:

From your freshmen year:

  • Study as much as possible to earn the highest possible grades!
  • Consider applying to the Thomas N. Bantivoglio Honors Program
  • Earn a minor (or at least a certificate) in a foreign language, as many graduate programs require proficiency in one (or more) foreign languages.
  • Look for opportunities to present your research at Rowan poster sessions and regional student conferences.
  • Think about recommendations before senior year! If possible, take more than one class with professors who teach in the field you’re interested in and make a point of utilizing their office hours at least a few times throughout the semester. Then when it comes time to ask for recommendations, the professors will be able to write more detailed, personalized recommendations.
  • Use faculty who teach in the field you’re interested in as resources!
  • Look for national scholarships you could apply for, e.g. the programs in the U.S. and abroad listed here.
  • If interested in Pre-Law:
    • Consider the 3 + 3 program with three area law schools: Delaware Law School of Widener University, Drexel University-Thomas R. Kline School of Law, and Rutgers Law School.
  • If interested in Pre-Med, contact Mr. Tomas Varela at

In your senior year:

  • Consider applying for a national scholarship such as a Fulbright or one of the many other scholarships, fellowships, and programs for students to work, teach, and/or conduct research in the US or abroad, click here.
  • Prepare for Entrance Exams (GRE, LSAT, GMAT)
    • Enroll in preparation programs for entrance exams such as the GRE, GMAT and the Miller Analogies Test. Many free options exist.
  • Ask faculty in your field for feedback on where to apply as well as your grant statements.