Career Prep Amid COVID-19

Career Prep Amid COVID-19

Career Preparation Amid COVID-19

As we enter a volatile post-COVID-19 economy, career and professional development is becoming increasingly important. Meanwhile, students are understandably feeling anxious about job and internship prospects. In response, the Center for Professional Success is making the following commitments to support CHSS students:

  • We’ve committed to…building this comprehensive website for you to explore resources that support your career development
  • We’ve committed to…offering all of our resources including career counseling, mock interviewing, resume revisions, and internship placement virtually.
  • We’ve committed to…transitioning our CHSS Match Internship Program partnerships into an online format to offer students a fast-track to a virtual summer internship.
  • We’ve committed to…partnering with the Office of Career Advancement and the College of Business Center for Professional Development to provide a series of online workshops and presentations.

In this time of uncertainty, this website can be your guide to the many things that you can do to best equip yourself to take the next step in your professional journey:

  • See what Employers are Saying: Employers understand that graduates are anxious about the job search during these uncertain times. In response, they are offering words of advice to inspire graduates to be flexible and persistent in their job search.
  • Review Career Preparation Resources: There are countless online resources at your disposal to prepare for internships and the job search. We’ve compiled a list of online presentations, guidebooks, podcasts, and other resources to support your professional success.
  • Conduct an Informational interview: As the job market becomes more competitive, networking is becoming increasingly important. Conducting an informational interview is a great way to build professional connections while also learning about potential career paths.
  • Visit Virtual Internship and Job Boards: Even though in-person career fairs and recruitment events are limited, there exist many online recruitment tools to search for jobs and internships. As a senior, you can search for jobs and as an underclassman, you can search for virtual internships or begin to research the credentials required by your jobs of interest.
  • Consider Graduate School: In times of crisis and uncertainty, students often choose to continue their education by pursuing an advanced degree or credential while waiting out the crisis.

As you explore these resources, know that the Center for Professional Success can also provide virtual services in career counseling, mock interviewing, resume revisions, and internship placement. We wish you the best of luck with the next step in your professional journey!